Friday, January 11, 2008

Winter Weather!

Woke up the other morning and all the trees and homes were covered in ice and snow. This is a picture of the tree out side my office window where I work. It is the most perfectly shaped tree I have ever seen. This tree is beautiful all year around, I hope to get a picture of it when it starts to blossom and each season as they go by this year! Isn't it beautiful!
This is the street looking down my street from home heading to work. Pretty yucky. It was too cold and wet to step outside for the picture so I just took it from inside the car looking through the wind shield. Turned out pretty good! The bottom of the picture is the cross street that the plows had allready gotten too. Looks more like a boarder but it is not.

My stepdaughter Grace likes to write so I decorated this little notebook for her to use at school or for a journal. Hope she likes it. She turned 16 last sept, I know 16 year olds can be alot of fun!
there is a clear (or some what clear) plastic covering that came on the notebook so the picture looks a little fuzzy.

I opended the cover up and you can see my work a little better.
Well I am off to work! I have to get the little ones dressed before I head so I better get off this. I have alot of stamping to catch up on this weekend. I ahve joined more swaps, and have fallen in love with HouseMouse again so come back soon and check out what I do with my House Mouse. Have to get a head start on Valentine cards too.
Have a Great Day!

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