Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Giving away an RAK! Post me a comment!

At the bottom of this psot leave me a comment telling me about your new cropadile II and I'll put your name in a drawing for a special RAK!

Sorry I have been MIA lately. Can't believe it has been a week since I last posted. Time flies when you are having fun! I have been pretty busy lately. I have gotten some stamping done. First I want to show you a RAK I received for JT's monthly Aloha RAK http://expressivelyme.blogspot.com/. It is a beautiful card made with chip board and my initials. This is going on my corkboard to be displayed.

I also got a new storage drawer for my unmounted stamps. I have been converting all unmounted stamps from magnet to acrylic mounting and storeing them in cd jewel case. This drawer system is perfect for them. My boss had this setting in the basement at the dental office I work at collecting dust. So I aksed if I could have it and he said yes. Yeah for me! The drawers are perfect size for the cd cases.

Now you probably want to see some of my work. We had our little group get together on friday. Our challenge of day was to create these two cards! Which was alot of fun! I really had a great time and learned alot. I have created som much this last week I am going to share a little bit at a time. I think my favorite card is the M&M Card. But I love chocolate. My mom made YUMMY treats for our snack she crushed up oreo cookies and cream cheese and dipped the oreo balls in

This is my youngest boy (he's 2) helping me in the crafting room. Denver and his brother have their own area in the stamping room, and stamping sets and crayons, so they leave mom's stuff alone. My Husband tries to remind me that they are boys and should not be crafting and should be playing with trucks. I say there is nothing wrong with being creative and developing their artistic genes.

I also received a wonderful Calendar from a dear friend of mine. I have learned so much from her on stamping, coloring and painting. She can always pull me get out of a lure in my creative juices. Thank you Stephanie for the wonderful calendar! I have that hanging on my cork board as well to be displayed. This way I know what day it is when I am fillingout the back side of my ATC's. Stephanie put alot of work and time into this calendar. I couldn't take a picture of each individual page. You get a oretty good idea from the picture. Each month is different and on both sides.

Well it is getting late and I have a few more things I need to post on before I head to bed. Check back again soon I finally made a scrapbook page, that I am going to share as well as some new ATC. I am workingon ATC's to trade at the stamping convention that is coming up this spring. I have not gone to a stamp convention in like 7 years. Major withdrawal! Saving my money. All though I have bought a few things from split coast stampers lately. I got a couple of new House mouse stamps, two new Bella stamps, and some new accessories. Mostly ribbon! But also some brads and eyelets!
Has any one boughten or used the new cropadile II from the HSN shown on TV lately? It looks like an enormous stapler. Leave me a comment on what you think about it, or if you do not have it but know someone who does. Tell me what they have said about it. I am trying to convince my DH that I need it. Post a comment by January 25, 2008 and I'll put your name in a drawing for a special surprise RAK from me. It's a surprise RAK because I am not sure what it will be yet but I am sure you'll like it! We all like fun things in our mail box!


Joanne said...

I wish I had one....maybe i'll go get one so I can commment better!

Linda SS said...

I missed the preview on HSN and they must have sold out because I later went to buy one and can't find it. It hasn't come out in the stores yet. I really want it too because it is supposed to extend further into your project than the original.

Sunnymommie said...


I dont have it but I will get one later when they in store.. it looks awesome than first one ...it looks like more easy, can do center, another album and more...


Tsscrapin said...

I don’t have the new one, but I did just get the original for Christmas and LOVE it!!!

Bluemoon said...

I don't have one :(( , do you need alot of hand strength for one? :)

Anita said...

OHMYGOSH, my daughter (http://wowprincess.com/blog/) and I were just talking about the new Cropadile we saw on TV. She thought she definitely needed it. I reminded her we were supposed to be on a spending moratorium which should have started 1/1/08 !!! We would both love to have it though!


Linda said...

I have seen pictures of it but have not seen an infommercial on it yet. I know once I do, I will want one. It doesn't take much to sell me on anything.
Linda Peterson

Anonymous said...

I don't have one!! I just started card making so I am building up my supplies! Can I still enter into the RAK?? Thanks for the chance.
Nicole L.

CAKVD said...

Hi! I saw them and I really want one. I am kicking myself because I didn't wait for it and I got the regular crop a dile, which doesn't suit my needs. I have no clue what the cost is on it, but I really like the looks of it! thanks!
Cheryl KVD

Elaine said...

I think its great that you let your boys craft with you!! That is a nice bonding time too, isn't it! I don't have the new croppy - wish i did!!!

Mary Bennett said...

Good Morning MissatooU,

I love your blog and the way you displayed the card I made for you, thank you. You are a busy lady my dear. What is a CropaDile?
I am new at this kind of thing so I want to know about all the tools.
Thank you very kindly,

Amie said...

I'm AMAZED that it took them so long to come out with this. The need has been there as long as the crop-a-dile has been out! The #1 complaint was the reach! I'm very intrigued! Thanks for the opportunity!


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