Thursday, November 29, 2007

My two year old talks!

This is a video from Thanksgiving. Our two year old Denver Talks. He finally talks on camera.

Here he is saying Goof Ball (our 5 year old taught him that) And All right with a thumbs up. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Crafting Room

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving was wonderful. We went to my grandmother in-laws house. She was going to keep things simple this year and she did not. She cooked way too much food. So of course we stuffed ourselves and then sat around all afternoon talking. The day went by fast, the boys were really good and didn't get into too much stuff that they were not suppose to. We got home around 10 p.m. it was after 11 when we got everyone settled in bed. Then we were up at 4a.m. to hit the Black Friday sales. I swear I will never do that again. We went to several different places looking for a bigger ticketed item for a christmas gift for a relative. (If I say it will give the suprise away) But we got what we wanted and din't get pushed and shoved too bad. We survived!

Well I have been busy making ATC's for swaps that I have joined. Also working on the Birthday boxes for Dallas's birhtday on Saturday. He has to take treats to school on friday. I have also been working on Christmas gifts and cards. And I have not taken pictures of any of my work lately but I did get some pictures of my crafting area. This is a set of drawers my husband created for me to stroe my rubber stamps in. I have two sets of these drawers full of rubber stamps.

This is my crafting area. The cupboards hanging on the wall to the right is full of paper and envelopes and accesories. As well as the cupboards down below the counter. The cupboard to the left holds all my stampin up stamp sets and my unmounted rubber stamps. I just learned to store my acrylic unmounted rubber stamps in Cd cases. Soooo much easier to use and keep organized. So I am trying to convert them all to acylic cushion and get them put into cd cases. Lots of fun!
I am having my son Dallas's Birthday Party this weekend but on sunday I will try to get some pictures taken of the things I have been working on. Have a great week!

Monday, November 12, 2007

It's Monday!

It's monday, I can't wait for Friday. But that is just wishing my life away, terrible. We spent yesterday at my in laws house, my husbands' cousins from Kansas were down for a birthday party and they wanted to see us. It was great to see everyone again, it had only been 10 years. Amazing how some people change and some people don't. Everyone's children were adorable and well behaved. Dallas and Denver had fun playing with all the kids. There was six children there. Haille, Hannah, Taylor, Olivia, Natalie and Kenny, Beautiful children.

This weekend my mo is coming up to Fremont again and we are going to spend the day stamping at our friends house. Yeah another stamping day! My oldest boy is having his 5th Birthday on Dec 1. I am trying to make 20 small cardstock boxes. Or I guess you could call them the goodie bags. The only problem I am having trouble deciding what to put in them. I was thinking a rice Krispie bar, but I was hoping to put something more in them but they are small, nothing to big. This is what the bag looks like, this is the sample bag.

The Birthday bag is going to be yellow with ballons stamped all over it. With a rainbow ribbon. I will post a picture when I see finish them all.

I have been working on cards for swaping this month as well I made 2 of these little Winter cards. i am not sure who the stamp is made by but I printed the saying aff the computer. I love the striped ribbon in red and off white, Very Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, Did I mention that we put up or Christmas light all ready? Yep we had 70 degree weather last week, so my husband climbed the house and we hung our light. We do not have them on yet, but after Thanksgiving we will. We usually put up our tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving. So if I can just hold off my husband and kids another week we will be in good shape. Otherwise I get tired of fighting the cats off the tree, they just love to play with the ornaments. All though my husband has rearranged the living room to make room for the Christmas Tree. So he is getting anxious.
Well, I have to get to work. And I just realized we are out of Mountain Dew, so I have to hit a gas station before I go so I'll blog again soon. Have a Great Day!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Hello I hope everyone had a good Halloween! Our boys have been sick with Croup. They sound like seals when they cough or try to talk. So we put out costumes on and only hit family and friends homes that had given us permission to stop by, and were told of our situation. I am not sure what Croup is exactly but it sounds terrible. Not only the name but the boys sound terrible too.

This is all of my boys on Halloween. This is the second time Dad has dressed up as Spiderman. Denver was scared to death of Spiderman this year, screamed at first then he got used to it. Two years is a wonderful age they are so much fun with the learning and investigating.

last weekend I had a get together with my mom and a friend and we had a stamping time. We had a wonderful time! Learned a few things from each other and got to share our stamps and tricks. We are going to do it again next month, at Stephanie's house. Hopefully we will be able to find more people to join in our fun as time goes on. we made the nugget boxes and stamped them up, Using the Stampin up Halloween stamps form this year. We used glittery nail polish to add some sparkle to the boxes. You cannot see it in the picture but it is there. I made two of these boxes for my oldest sons preschool teachers, they loved them. We also wrapped decorated paper around the candy bars. This is a wonderful idea, after the candy is gone you can put pencils and pens in the box. Can't wait for Christmas. What a busy week. I have been spending alot of time in my crafting room. Drives my husband crazy! Not spending enough time with him. i'll post more again soon.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!