Monday, August 25, 2008

Break out the banjo!

I finally got some crafting done and got the camera out and working and uploaded to my computer. Can you believe it? Yeah me neither! Well what should I share first? HMMMI have been working on some fun ATC's they are penguins! Not much but there will be more coming your way soon. I have been working on recipe 6x6 cards. Have you ever made any of those? Well I am sooo hooked. They make such a neat recipe book, my family is getting them for Christmas if I can make enough! Oops I guess I blew the surprise of Christmas. Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Been MIA!

Well I have done it again, I have been missing for over a month. I have been createing and I have forgotten to take pictures of most evrything! I hate when that happens! I will try to get the camera out this weekend and snap some shots of my works lately. I have been createing recipes 6x6 cards and a year of House Mouse inchies. Lots of fun createing. I have been also trying to enjoy the outdoors a bit more now that it has finally cooled off. It is only getting into the 80 instead of the upper 90's the humidity is down as well. Thank you God!
Well sorry for the delay, But I will back sooner this time! Summer is a busy time of year.