Sunday, June 8, 2008


It is a Gruffies Weekend for me! I bought these stamps a few weeks ago and finally got around to stamping them, and coloring them! Seems I can buy stamps faster then I can stamp them and create them. One is called Buried in Paper work, the other one is Full of Truffles or Chocolate Truffles, I'm not sure! But these were alot of fun to play with.

I have also been working on the desk for my oldest son. I got it all scrapped and sanded down and last night I was putting the second coat of stain and sealer on it and the wind came up and down poured on us. I just barely made it into the garage with the desk and drawers when the sprinkles came, followed very quickly with the down pour. So lucky me I saved my hard work. I had to cover the pool in the rain and put away all the kids toys. The storm came up faster then I was paying attention too. We got lots of rain and thunder boomers.
I am heading outside now to sand down the sealer and put the drawer handles on, drag it into the house and start using it. I will post a finished picture tomorrow!