Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Being Creative

Wow it has been a while since I have posted a blog. I haven't sold any of the stamp sets yet, they are going to be heading onto craigs List or E-bay soon! I have been very creative lately, got my creative mojo going again. Yeah, makes me very happy! So lets see a picture right?This first card is a card I created with a cuttlebug embossing folder on yellow paper and smeared on the swirls is pink ink. I printed the sentiment off the computer. Inside I stamped Happy Mother's day! And gave it to my mom for mother's day! She loved it!
This next one I created using my new The Angel Company stamp set. Happy Cow or something like that! I love this little cow, she is so cute. This card idea came from Tracy check her out at Tracy's Happy Place!
This is a picture of an old teacher's desk that my mother in Law gave me. This desk has been stored in an unfinished garage for 2 years and then spent a week outside in the hot sun and rain. Until she told me about it and I rescued it. It has 3 layers of paint, white, green, and red, then a layer of laquer. I am crapping the paint off it and sanding it down to restain it to a wood finish. Or at least that is my plan, we'll see. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of it right away, so this is half cleaned up all ready! This will be my 5 year olds desk when it is complete. I'll blog another picture when I am done!
It has been doing alot of rain and high winds here! Our camp site, where we keep and use our camper lost all power two weeks ago, the high winds knocked our power pole over and come to find out it is our responsiblity to higher an electrician to give us power again not the utility company! This was memorial weekend, and we were all prepared to camp all weekend and live it up. Then last weekend we went out there and we could not even get to our camper, the road and all was flodded in water. As far as we can tell there is no water in the camper, but all the rail road ties we had, and all the children's toys that sat out in the sand box are all washed away! So I have a reason to hit the garage sales to find more toys for the children to play with out there. Well we are also considering selling the land and the camper and be done with all the work and stress of hte up keep. Flooding is the worst!

Well I hope every one is haveing a wonderful start to their summer! I am off to create some more. I have inchies to make! I started a Year of inchies swap on SCS, as well as a Cow card swap! Come and join the fun! My Chocolate swap was a huge hit, had about 20 swappers join, and received alot of fun chocolate ideas. My Alphabet inchie swap is coming to a close as well. If you haven't checked out Split Coast Stampers yet, you must go! GO NOW! It is so inspiring!