Sunday, March 9, 2008

Melanie's Blog Link

If you did not check out Melanie blog last week you will want to check her out today! She has a really neat idea for the Altoid tins we all have laying around waiting to be reused. I purse she made it into a night on the town tin. With a handle. So Cool! She has the tuturial on how to make one as well!

Here is a box that I decorated last week for a co-worker. I have been terribley sick with a cold and cough. So for the last week she has been covering the slack at work for me, to help me out, taking the longer appointments so that I can take the shorter one and blowing my nose quite often. Don't worry I wash all the time, my hands are so dry I have washed them so much, anyway! I decorated the box with TAC DP and a house mouse stamp, I am not sure what or where the phrase came from. However, I then added 6 hand made cards and envelopes for her to send out and use as needed. SHe loved it and said it was not necessary. However I had fun making the box and cards.

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