Monday, October 22, 2007


Good Evening All!

I received a special package today when I got home from work which was wonderful after a busy Monday at work! I joined JT's monthly -Aloha Rak club for the month of October. So far it has been a lot of fun and I am looking forward to doing it again next month.
For some reason this picture has a blurp on it, I am not sure what happened but you can still see what is all there. This wonderful gift came from Amy, who must know me in some strange way, because I a LOVE ribbon and she sent a bunch of it. There is a wonderful Halloween card, A Nebraska mini license plate, purple brads, and a package of M&M's. Thank you so much, this is so awesome and just what I needed after a Monday at work.

Well I hope every one had a successful weekend and got everything done that they needed. And of coarse got some stamping done. I am working on converting my unmounted stamps that were attached to magnets to the acrylic foam. Which seems to be working alot better then the magnet. But I ran out of acrylic foam so now I have to get a hold of my mom to buy some more. My mom sells The Angel Company stamps and can get me this stuff at her costs. Which helps because then I have more money to buy more stamps. I also got my room organized a little better for my friends to come over and stamp on Saturday. I can't wait! I gave them all the Black and White Christmas card challenge to try and I have a small gift for them to enjoy for participating. Then we are going to work on Christmas cards. I need to get some of those made up before I get waaaaaaay to behind. Should be Fun! Have a great evening!

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Jen said...

Oh Yay!! You got your stuffs. What fun!! Ok - I know you signed up again for the month of November, but could you please tell me your full name, as I know there are other Melissa's, but I can't tell which one you are by your website. Sorry. Thanks dear!!! Email me at