Sunday, April 27, 2008

I traded some House Mouse images for some Riley images, for a swap on SCS. Here is what I created. Guess I am thinking of warmer weather all ready and camping. It was in the 70's here all last week, However friday it was 38 for a High with just boarder line snowing, it was rain but felt and looked more like it was snow, nothing stuck thank goodness. Today it was in the 60's can the weather man please make up his mind? However now it is raining. Shouldn't complain about the weather no one has any control.

We had our monthly Stamp group get together this last week. Had a ton of fun! We didn't really get much stamping done though, however we did get alot of talking and taking notes done. I decorated water bottles for the group. I wasn't sure what kind of picture to add the pocket, so I left it blank. I think I should have put a flag or a sentiment on it though, now that I am looking at it again. I hope to decorate a bunch of these for our Fourth of July BBQ, out at our camping site.

Again I am thinking warmer and sunny days. We were given some shiney paper to make a card with for our challenge for the monthly stamp group. This is what I created. It is grillafella, with the stars cut from my sizzix then colored with sparkles. I had to include an envelope as well, stamped out with Happy 4th Of July! I know I am ahead of the game but if I do not stay on top of these things time will get away from me.

I am helping my mom sell some of her duplicate The Angel Company stamps. Prices Do NOT included shipping all stamps are new, unmounted uncut! Shipping should not cost too much! I am listing these for my mom, she does not have a computer but is in need of paying Medical Bills and needs to get rid of some extra stuff!

The Angel Company Idea Book & Catalogue fall/winter 2007

R=TAC2390 my inspiration 19.00 pg34
T2353 SassyCats 7.00 pg54
T2133 Congratgrads 10.00 pg55
R2028 blissfullyeverafter 19.00 pg57
T1237 Cats 5.00 pg54
T2351 Diggitydogs 7.00 pg54 Pending
T815 MountianScenery 10.00 pg 47
R=TC2111 Cuddlepug 5.00 pg 54 Pending
T2288 Sosilly 15.00 pg 59
R=T489 Stickkidz 10.00 pg 60
R=T254 Road Trip 15.00 pg66
R=T302 Rosesentiments 15.00 pg73
R=T1222 Farmfun 19.00 pg87
R=T2296 The Great Outdoors 15.00 pg88
T2515 BuggieChristmas 19.00 pg 97
R=T2306 leafyexpressions 10.00 pg41
R=T1213 relaxgorgeous 10.00 pg66

Acrylic Blocks pg 116
3x3 2.50
1x1 .75 I have 4
2x2 2.00 I have 6
1½ x4 2.50

Sizzix Thick Cuts Puzzle 15.00 pg 114

The Angel Company idea Book & Catalogue 2006-2007
R=T-1032 Birthday Sketches 5.00 pg78
R=T1009 peacefulheart 10.00 pg 100
R=T909 eclecticalalphabet 19.00 pg 151

Then I also have these, I am not sure of the names of them I think they are from a catalog in 2005 which I do not have If any one can help me please do!
T2345 Snail 5.00
TG113 Angel 3.00
TAC2335 sentiments So loveable, Celebrate Life Beautiful you, I love you, so silly, all in a shade oval like. 7.00
TAC2336 7.00 sentiments A day in your life, hey there, tickled pink, everyday life, What a mess, I love you with all my heart. Not sure how many there are in this set but if you want more info let me know.

T2337 Buterfly group 5.00 I have 4 of these
TAC2338 Group of Flowers 5.00 I have 2 of these

All of these sets are new unmounted uncut and still in their boxes. I have a tendency to order stamp sets and then forget I have them and order them again. Most of these are duplicates to me. I sold several sets at my last craft fair but since I found SCS I thought I would give this a try!

I will accept personal checks but will wait for check to clear before sending stamps, Money Order! I cannot take paypal or CC.
Buyer to Pay shipping! With the stamps being acrylic mounting shipping should not cost too much.
Let me know what you want and I will get back to you on actual shipping cost, send me a PM with you zip code and what you are interested in. Also let me know if you want the plastic boxes they come in originally as well because they usually cost more to send because they take up space!

Thanks for Looking!
If you would like to see pictures of any of these stamps send me your e-mail address, it is alot easier to do it that way for me.